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The Top 2 Supplements for Post-Workout By Mikaelah Villacruz How do we achieve our greatest physique? It is an equation that consists of hard work and proper training in the gym, a consistency and cleanliness in our diet, as well as the correct assortment of supplements that match our goals. Efficiency is also key in bodybuilding. As all walks of life and athletes, we must make use of every second of every day that we are given to propel us towards reaching our goals. This means being mindful of our eating times as well as supplement times. There are many...


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WHAT is L-Carnitine? L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that is most often taken as a supplement. It plays an important role in energy production as it aids transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria of our cells. Our bodies may produce l-carnitine on it’s own, however to do so, you must have sufficient levels of Vitamin C present. Although not at all of us may be able to produce enough l-carnitine, making it an essential nutrient. WHY is it used? L-carnitine is used to promote fat loss and increase energy production on the body. Some formulas on the...


Bodybuilding, Build Muscle, Exercise, Fatloss, Glutamine, Nurtition, Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance, Supplements, Weightloss -

If you could choose to only take one supplement for building muscle I bet you would say protein, right? You might even say that carbohydrates are important for building muscle, you would be correct in that they help release insulin which takes nutrients to the muscle cell yet you still need this one supplement to even have the building materials to make the muscle. What if I told you by not taking this one supplement you automatically lose 60% of your muscle building abilities?  Muscles are made in the form of arranged amino acids, which are the building blocks of...