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Centurion Labz

War Demonz Extreme Mass (プロホルモン)






Hexadrone 300mg- Hexadrone is a non methylated prohormone. It is already active and does not need to convert once in the body. This prohormone compound also has a great anabolic vs androgenic ratio of 300 to 1. Hexadrone promises dry gains and strength increases.

Hexadrone’s results are similar to a halodrol or an epistane cycle. It’s great for cutting and adding lean hard mass. The positive of this is the results are about the same as halo and epi but the toxicity levels are lower. Hexadrone also does not convert to estrogen therefor does not cause bloat and does not retain water.

DMZ 24 mg- DMZ is a bulking prohormone that is not only phenomenol when it comes to muscle gains, but retains absolutely no water. DMZ will boost, lean, dry muscles gain while increasing vascularity with each workout.

Benefits of DMZ include stength increases, increased vascularity, and zero water retention.

Azine bonds aid in the absorption of Dymethazine which are crucial in reducing liver toxicity immensely, when compared to other prohormones. The marriage of these two ingredients will surely show great growth and strength. Users must take ENGAGE when running their WAR DEMONZ and follow up the 4 week cycle with RETREAT PCT.


Daily Value – per 3 capsules

Hexadrone – 300 mg

DMZ – 24 mg


Not intended for anyone under 21 years old. On-cycle support and PCT is highly recommended. Use no longer than 1 month.


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