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Legacy Thermal is a unique novelty in the GASP assortment. It's an uncompromising hoodie made out of a waffle structured blend of cotton and polyester. The waffle structure gives the fabric a good moisture wicking ability, which keeps you dry during intense workouts. The hood has been equipped with a double fabric for a heavy feel. 

• Durable cotton and polyester blend 
• Waffle structured fabric – good moisture wicking ability! 
• Double fabric at the hood 
• Tier 1 

Additional information 

Material: 60% cotton and 40% polyester 
Fit: Regular 
Chest: M=61 cm, L=64 cm, XL=67 cm, XXL=70 cm, 3XL=73 cm 
Length: M=73 cm, L=75 cm, XL=77 cm, XXL=79 cm, 3XL=81 cm


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