GASP Power Elbow Sleeve

GASP Power Elbow Sleeve

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Made of durable elastic, the GASP Power Elbow Sleeves provide support and warmth for the elbow joints during your heaviest lifts. They easily slide on and off and provide better blood flow than traditional wrapping. To ensure the best fit, measure the lower portion of your bicep and compare the size to the accompanied sizing chart. Sizes are in ranges. For a tighter fit, please select a size in your lower range. For a looser fit, please select a size in your upper range.

Key features/details

  • 2-ply elastic support for heavy lifting
  • Provides support and warmth for the elbow joints
  • Slide easily on & off
  • No seams design allows for better blood flow than wrapping
  • Includes 1 pair


Bodi Cafe では輸入関税手数料込の価格にて商品を提供しております。よりお買い得にお買い物いただくために、1回のお買い物について金額上限250ドルを設定しております。海外通販サイトのお買い物でわずらわしい関税を気にせずお買い物をお楽しみください。
  • 200ドル以上のご注文で日本への送料無料でお届けしています。商品の重さによって送料が確定します。


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