The Top 2 Supplements for Post-Workout トレーニング直後に必須のサプリメント

The Top 2 Supplements for Post-Workout

By Mikaelah Villacruz

How do we achieve our greatest physique?

It is an equation that consists of hard work and proper training in the gym, a consistency and cleanliness in our diet, as well as the correct assortment of supplements that match our goals.

Efficiency is also key in bodybuilding.

As all walks of life and athletes, we must make use of every second of every day that we are given to propel us towards reaching our goals. This means being mindful of our eating times as well as supplement times.

There are many supplements on the market that help us get there, however, it can often be hard to distinguish what we need most. Fundamentally, there are three supplements that we can all benefit from:

  1. Glutamine: an amino acid that aids in muscle recovery.
  2. Creatine: an important component that aids in muscle growth!

Recovery and growth are the building blocks of steady progress.

You MUST add 10g Glutamine and 5g Creatine in your post workout shake which you should take immediate after you finish working out!

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