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6 Pack Bag



You live life in fast motion and you have a ton of stuff to take with you everywhere you go. We get it. We’re the same way, and that’s exactly why we created the Commuter Backpack!



The features are as almost as endless as the massive cavern of a space inside this bag. Along with our patented and easily removable meal prep cases and storage system, the Stealth has two interior pockets and elastic mesh pockets along the exterior for even more storage. (We usually use those for a shaker with pre/post workout shake here at the fit fam!)



You can practically pack your entire life in this bag and keep everything locked in nice and tight with our recently developed super strong magnetic clasps technology! If you are looking for modern commuter bag that solves the need to carry multiple bags, this bag is for you. Tons of space, removable meal core, and a slim design makes this the perfect sidekick. Stay sleek and stylish with this limited-edition Commuter. #TravelFit



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Comes with:

3- 20 oz. Leak-Proof Sure Seal Containers

1 Travel-Size Supplement Container 

2 Small Freezer Packs

1 Medium Freezer Pack

Removable Meal Core


Shipping Weight: 2.2 lbs

UPC Code: 817963013776

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