Athlete Short Top

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  • $11.00
  • 通常価格 $44.00

Athlete Short Top is a thoroughly thought out sport top that combines a high functionality with a fresh and stylish design. It features our special Better Bodies logo elastic at bottom and a detail seam at the front that highlights a feminine look. It's made out of a high performance Meryl fabric that offers a great breathability as well as a tight, comfortable fit. 

• Great fit that keeps it comfortability even during intense workouts 
• Flexible and breathable fabric 
• Adjustable shoulder straps 
• Open back design that brings out the best of your back 
• Good moisture wicking ability 
• Short dry time – helps to maintain the shape after your workouts! 
• Detail seam at front for a feminine look 
• Well suited for photo sessions 

Additional information 

Material, solid colors: 89% (Meryl) polyamide and 11% Lycra 
Material, camoprinted colors: 95% polyamide and 5% Lycra 
Sizes: S–L 
Fit: Tight fit