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Better Bodies

Better Bodies Camo High Tights


Made specifically for

High waist multi print tights that feature our Better Bodies signature 
curves that highlight and enhance your athletic shape. 

Why we think you'll love them

*High waist

*Inner hidden pocket at the waistband

*Contrast stripes for a sweeping athletic look

*Anti-glide rubber tape at inside of the bottom hem

*7/8 length


Designed for: 
Gym wear 

Quality:91% polyamide 9% elastane 


CM XS-25,5, S-28,5, M-31,5, L-34,5 
INCH XS-10, S-11 2/9, M- 12 2/5, L- 13 4/7 

CM XS-59, S-61, M-63, L-65 
INCH XS-23 2/9, S-24, M-24 4/5, L-25 3/5 



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