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Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz G.O.W Red Pineapple Strawberry SAMPLE


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Thermogenic preworkout, providing incredible pumps, focus and euphoric factors. We increased the caffeine, amp citrate, mucuna puriens. We also added alpha yohimbe and niacin to increase thermogenesis. This will in turn create a raise in core temperature and calorie expenditure during workouts to help shred excess body fat and achieve that optimal sweat during training. We also made sure to increase the theobromine which aid in the dilation of the bronchial vessels which will help control breathing and heart rate even with the elevated stimulants in GOD OF WAR RED.

FLAVORS: Available in Chaotic Citrus, Apple Assault & Pineapple Slaughterberry.

QUANTITY: 1 servings
DOSAGE: 1 scoop with 200-300 ml of water


Shipping Weight: 0.02 lbs

UPC Code: 685867923732

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