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THE CLEAR PILL THAT BUILDS LEAN MUSCLE! EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS! When you eat right, train with all-out intensity where you push yourself past your limits (meaning you don’t just show up to the gym and go through the motions) and get a chance to take a breakthrough ingredient, extraordinary results can happen. That’s exactly what occurred to a group of very well-trained athletes apart of a 12 week clinical study at the University of Tampa who supplemented with the exact dose of BetaTOR™ contained in CLEAR MUSCLE™. Now keep in mind that everyone’s potential is different, and because of that, your results will only be as good as the effort that you put into your own training program. BetaTOR™ Is Only Available From MuscleTech In A Clear Pill.

  • Contains patented BetaTOR™ Exclusive to MuscleTech
  • The most advanced muscle & strength builder available
  • Clinically studied formula


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