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Centurion Labz

In-Slinn インスリン(グリコーゲン合成促進)



Physique-Enhancing Insulin Mimetic

Shuttle your carbs—don't store them!

Insulin Mimetics are natural substances that—wait for it—mimic the mechanism of action of insulin. Many companies refer to these substances interchangeably as glucose disposal agents. They're essentially the same thing. Insulin Mimetics should be co-ingested with carbs, i.e., taken the same time. For most people, this ends up being either before or after the workout, or both. And this is where the magic happens: the ingredients in In-Slinn facilitate the uptake of glucose and amino acids into muscle tissue (where you want them) and not into fat tissue. When you take In-Slinn, your body has to secrete less insulin to accomplish this. This improves insulin sensitivity and decreases overall inflammation. In-Slinn will also cause increased glycogen replenishment when taken after the workout.

The ingredients in In-Slinn have been shown to do the following:

  • *Improve muscle growth
  • *Decrease fat gain (or accelerate fat loss)
  • *Reduce systemic inflammation
  • *Lower the risk of developing metabolic disorders (such as Type II diabetes)

Suggested Use:

Take 2 capsule with high carb meal twice a day.


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