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Gaspari Nutrition

Precision Protein

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Precision Protein Ingredients

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Gaspari Precision Protein Ingredients

Precision Protein brings an industry first form of whey protein that yields elevated Leucine levels for greater gains.

The magic recipe that sets Precision Protein apart from all other proteins currently available is it employs 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate to jack up the anabolic response by increasing the bioavailability and release rate of Leucine peptides. This is accomplished by Gaspari’s patent-pendingEmbedded Enzyme Technology™ (EET) which serves to enhance the anabolic actions of the protein powder.

EET™ is a specialized two-part hydrolysis process for the whey protein:

  1. The first hydrolysis takes place during the production of the protein powder itself, and
  2. The second part occurs when you mix it into liquid ahead of consuming it

Through this unique process, EET is able to confer better muscle-building benefits than more traditional forms of whey due to the increased leucine content of Precision Protein.

As you and most of your readers know, protein itself is made up of long chains of amino acids that ultimately get broken down or hydrolyzed in the body. The body is very efficient at breaking these long chains down into smaller peptides it can use for muscle growth and repair, however more often than not, the long protein chains are hydrolyzed into peptides which are needed for normal functions in the body…

Precision Protein forces the body to stay out of the hydrolysis process, and instead forces it’s own rate of hydrolysis on the protein chains by targeting the specific spots in the protein that allow for Leucine Peptides to be released. This means Precision Protein gives users significantly higher rates of Leucine Peptides once consumed than any other protein product in the world.”

— VaughnTrue, Gaspari Nutrition Lead Representative




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