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Centurion Labz

Stand Alone (体重増加用プロホルモン)










Centurion Labz is proud to introduce STAND ALONE, our strongest bulking non banned pro hormone to date. It is another dual stacked compound consisting of Laxogenin and Methylstenbolone. This combination will surely sky rocket your body’s potential for growth and strength. Duration for this product will be a maxmimum of 4 weeks fortified with the proper cycle support as well as following up with an adequate post cycle therapy. Please refer back to ENGAGE and RETREAT PCT for two products designed to work with STAND ALONE.

Methylstenbolone (12mg)- This is a bulking prohormone which will boost strength as well as intercellular water retention. Users will see gains in the 20 to 25 pound range if reinforcing the cycle with proper nutrition. It is harsh on the liver so the cycle should only be 4 weeks followed with RETREAT PCT. During the cycle they should absolutely take a cycle support, such as ENGAGE. This prohormone will not convert to estrogen.

Laxogenin (15 mg)- this is a plant based pro hormone that will not show up on a performance enhancement drug test. Its results will rival similar effects to anavar so user can expect hard dry gains in the 6 to 8 pound range. This will compliment the methylstenbolone by eliminating some of the water retention. This is not liver toxic and will not convert to estrogen. No side effects.


Daily Value – per 2 capsules

Methylstenbolone – 24 mg

Laxogenin – 30 mg



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UPC Code: 019962292538

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