You will sweat like Crazy! 大人気のカルニチン+新陳代謝アップ、ファイアボール再入荷!



Whether you are exercising, trying to lose weight or both, this product is a critical supplement to achieving your goals. Although stimulant free, LIQUID FIREBALL L-CARNITINE IGNITER will make you sweat, so start by taking ½ serving to assess your tolerance. We suggest you take it prior to working out.


L-CARNITINE TARTRATE – l-carnitine is a dipeptide made from the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Tartrate is an organic compound used to improve absorption l-carnitine.*

ACETYL L-CARNITINE – is essentially a processed form of L-Carnitine.

LEANGBB™ – Gamma-Butyrobetaine(GBB) a precursor to l-carnitine which stimulates the production of endogenous l-carnitine.*

PARADOXINE™ – Grains of Paradise is a species in the ginger family. This unique ingredient stimulates brown adipose tissue supporting metabolism and creating heat.*

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