How to build muscle using the most abundant amino acid there is! 忘れられがちだけど筋発達に最も重要なサプリメント!

If you could choose to only take one supplement for building muscle I bet you would say protein, right?

You might even say that carbohydrates are important for building muscle, you would be correct in that they help release insulin which takes nutrients to the muscle cell yet you still need this one supplement to even have the building materials to make the muscle.

What if I told you by not taking this one supplement you automatically lose 60% of your muscle building abilities? 

Muscles are made in the form of arranged amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. 


The supplement of discussion today is glutamine, which recently has been classified as a "conditionally essential" amino acid. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and muscle cells and makes for more than 60% of the free amino acid pool in muscle tissue.

Although the body can synthesize it, there are times when the physical demands become too great and exceeds its glutamine stores and manufacturing abilities. 

Bodybuilding and Resistance training has become extremely popular due to the demand for that aesthetic look from social pressure as well as the health approach from the increase of chronic disease and obesity. Individuals are training harder and longer and this strenuous exercise can dramatically increase the body's glutamine needs.

To keep muscle's healthy and full there needs to be a proper balance of nitrogen in the tissue, glutamine, in addition to promoting protein synthesis helps maintain this nitrogen balance and even prevents the breakdown of protein so you don't waste all your time training only to lose what you worked so hard for. 

During prolonged exercise (bodybuilding), glutamine levels are depleted. Within 24 hours, these levels usually return to normal assuming an athlete is consuming a rich nutrient dense diet. However in bodybuilders and those training for extensively for weight loss, glutamine levels may be chronically low. 

Researchers have shown that supplementation could increase your baseline levels of glutamine and may also promote protein synthesis by activating metabolic pathways by hydrating the muscle cells. Muscle buildings happens much faster when the muscle fibers are enlarged or swollen and glutamine helps draw water and salt into the muscle cells, thereby expediting protein synthesis. 

Studies have shown that a minimum of 2 grams of glutamine is needed to increase plasma growth hormone levels. An 8 gram does has even been demonstrated to be effective with promoting glycogen resynthesis. 

When it comes to exercise nutrition and supplementation we recommend sticking the basics. Here at Bodi Cafe we recommend taking 10g before training and 10g post workout to prevent muscle breakdown and ignite protein synthesis. 

 Here are Bodi Cafe Professionalism is standard and we only carry the highest quality supplements in the fitness and bodybuilding world. 

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