Gasp Mini Belt
Gasp Mini Belt
Gasp Mini Belt
Gasp Mini Belt

Gasp Mini Belt

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Size chart


Chest 107 113 119 125 131 137
Waist 77 83 89 95 101 107
Hip 97 103 109 115 121 127


Chest:Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape horizontal.

Waist:Measure around the most narrow part of your waist, keeping the tape horizontal.


When you are between sizes, we recommend to go for the size closest to your measurements.

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Hi I'm Marley and I'm the latest addition to the GASP team.

My home base is Destination where I keep tabs on the humans and their daily operations, and my personal assistant Nick Bagley is doing a great job taking care of my needs.

I don’t give rats ass about anything besides eating and sleeping. I’m only wearing my GASP belt because I’m paid to do so according to my agreement with GASP. They want me to represent on Social Media so they take photos of me, and even if I couldn't care less – they seem to like it. But hey, it puts food on the table and I get treats so I’ll roll with it.

The GASP Mini Belt was created based on the GASP Lifting Belt.

It's made in 100% vegetable tanned leather, and is a fun accessory.

Available in sizes S-XL.
S 10-12 inches (25.4 - 30.5 cm)
M 13.25 - 15.5 inches (33.7 - 39.4 cm)
L 16 - 19.25 inches (40.6 - 48.9 cm)
XL 18.25 - 23 inches (46.4 - 58.42 cm)


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