Mass Pro バルクアップ用プロホルモン

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Centurion Labz Mass Pro is here. The new highly dosed bulking prohormone has hit the market. Mass Pro's goal is good quality muscle without the bloat and fat gain some other products carry. With a max dose of epiandrosterone, added epicatechin, and DHEA, Centurion Labz Mass Pro is bound to be the quality product you've been looking for. Mass Pro isn't methylated like old-school pro hormones so the user is able to take it for longer periods of time which increases the ability to keep the newly added muscle. Epicatchin and DHEA are added to help decrease cortisol levels which can significantly contribute the the users ability to put on muscle during their bulk. Most people will notice strength go up within the first week and stay at peak levels during their cycle. Centurion Labz Mass Pro should be post-cycled with Centurion Labz Retreat post cycle. Looking to cut up? Check out the Centurion Labz Shred Pro!