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Evogen Muscle building stack is in stock! アメリカで根強い人気Evogenのバルクアップスタック入荷しました!



トレーニング30分前:EVPEVP Plusを添付スプーン1杯(体重100kg以上の方は2杯)




Evogen is invented by one of the best trainer in the workld, a.k.a. Pro Creator Hany Rambod. Jay Cutler, Jeremy Buendia, Justin many champions use his products!

Evogen Mass Stack

Pre Workout: 1scoop(2scoop if you are over 220lbs) EVP or EVP Plus

Intra Workout: 1scoop(2scoop if you are over 220lbs) Cell Kem

Post Workout:  1scoop(2scoop if you are over 220lbs) Isoject

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