The best protein powder ever? ギャスパリ新プロテイン、これ以上どこを良くできるのか?



The veteran company Gaspari Nutrition has launched an all-new protein powder that’s very similar to the brand’s 2016 released Precision Protein. The name of Gaspari’s latest product is Proven Whey, which features a protein formula powered by high-quality, fast absorbing hydrolyzed whey isolate.

When it comes to the nutrition profile behind the new Gaspari Proven Whey, it is actually a bit leaner than that of Precision Protein’s. Each serving provides the usual 25g of protein along with 2g of carbohydrates, a gram of sugar, under a gram of fiber, only half a gram of fat, and a total calorie count of 120.

The nutrition numbers above are for the Chocolate Ice Cream flavor of Proven Whey, which vary slightly for the supplement’s other options, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Strawberries & Cream. Those flavors are also a bit leaner with the same amount of protein, half as many carbs, and zero fat, for a total of 110 calories.