Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeve, Dark Camo ヘヴィーデューティーエルボースリーブ

Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeve, Dark Camo ヘヴィーデューティーエルボースリーブ

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Material: 75% Polyester, 25% Elastane
Features: Compression, rigid material, logo patches

These Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves are developed in close collaboration with our pro lifting athletes. They have been taken through hours of workouts by our most dedicated athletes while we fine-tuned the details until we reached a product that met the needs.

The Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves are firm enough to offer optimal stability and compression during those grueling workouts but also versatile enough to become an everyday training companion.

Depending on how tight you want these to fit, choose a size that is 0.5-2 inches (1.25 to 5 cm) smaller than the measure of the lower part of your biceps.

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